Frequently Asked Questions


How do I advertise in Metro?

For information on display advertising please contact your local sales team. You can find information for each local market here:  metronews.ca/about/contact.html


Looking for a copy of Toronto Metro? Visit our interactive map to find the Metro box or retail outlet closest to your home, office or transporation hub.


How do I get back to the homepage?

You can go back to the homepage for your home city from any page on the site by clicking on the Metro logo located at the top left of your screen.

How do I change my city?

You can change your home city, at any time by clicking on the city name directly above the Metro logo in the top left of your screen and selecting a different city.

How can I access the digital copy of the print edition?

You will need to register for a free PressReader account before accessing the content.  Your use of PressReader will be subject to terms and conditions imposed by PressReader, and Metro has no responsibility to you in this regard.

How can I access the daily crossword and sudoku puzzles from the print edition online?

You can view and print the daily crossword and sudoku puzzles from the print edition using PressReader. Please see previous question for more information regarding PressReader.

How can I access the daily crossword and sudoku answers from the print edition?

You can find the Metro crossword and sudoku answers in the Games section or through this direct link: http://www.metronews.ca/games/crosswords-sudoku-solutions.html.

How can I access horoscopes?

You can access the horoscopes using the main menu on the left side of your screen or through this direct link: http://metronews.ca/horoscopes.

How can I comment on an article?

In July 2016, we removed commenting from the site.

You can share your opinions with us by connecting with us on social media:

You may also write a letter to the editor. For editorial contact information, please visit the Contact Us page here: http://www.metronews.ca/about/contact.html

How can I access My Metro?

My Metro accounts were used for commenting, and are no longer available given that the commenting functionality has been removed from the site.


What software do I need to make sure all the features on your website work for me?

In general we suggest you keep your software as up-to-date as possible. It's possible installing a newer version of the software listed below will solve any problems you may be experiencing. Much of the software needed to view our site is available free of charge. Your use of this third party software is subject to terms and conditions imposed by the third party, and Metro has no responsibility to you in this regard.

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers. Apple Safari should also work fine on both PCs and Macs, as should Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows. However, older versions of web browsers may have problems. Note that various parts of our site make use of cookies. Check to make sure you have cookies turned on in your browser and see our Privacy Policy for more details on our use of cookie information.

We use Acrobat PDF documents on our website, for special graphics, special sections and crosswords. To view them, you will need Adobe Reader 11 or newer. (Also, if you happen to use McAfee's anti-virus software, you might see an Adobe Reader pop-up message: "There was an error processing this page. There was a problem reading this document." Upgrading to version 7.1 (or newer) of the McAfee software will correct this issue.)

Some videos and puzzles on our website require the Adobe Flash Player plug-in. A few videos on our website require the Apple QuickTime 7 plug-in. Another good option is VideoLAN VLC media player.

To listen to podcasts, you will need software that plays MP3s, such as Apple iTunes.

Some features of our website require Sun Microsystems Java or Javascript to be enabled. (Mac users should just keep their operating system up to date, since it includes this software.)

Why don’t some of the interactive puzzles work for me?

Some puzzles on our website require the Adobe Flash Player plug-in. Please ensure that the Adobe Flash Player plug-in is up-to-date and activated since some browsers turn off this plug-in by default.


How can I request permission to reprint an article, photo or page?
For text, photo and page reprint requests, please email:  licensing@metronews.ca.

How can I access current and back issues of the digital edition?
Digital back issues of Metro are typically available for the past 3 months and can be accessed using PressReader.com. If you are searching for content older than three months for licensing purposes, please email licensing@metronews.ca for licensing requests.

If you have other questions, concerns or comments, please email us at feedback@metronews.ca. We look forward to hearing from you.