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To make Metro even better, we want to know what you think about our editorial and advertising content. Join one of our Internet-based reader/user panels and you'll not only have a chance to offer your valued opinion, but you'll also have an opportunity to earn all sorts of rewards.

How do you qualify?

Regardless of how often you read Metro or visit metronews.ca - whether every day or just on occasion - you can join our panels.

Join our RAM Panel (Research and Analysis of Media panel) if you're interested in giving feedback on advertisements that run in Metro. Several Canadian newspapers, including Metro, and more than 600 newspapers and magazines in 17 countries use a standardized system to measure how newspaper advertisements are read and understood. The system is called Research and Analysis of Media (RAM). Metro uses RAM to measure how readers like you respond to advertisements and test creative units to see what readers like best. As a panelist, we'll email you surveys to answer online. You can decide how often you participate: respond to every survey or answer only when it's convenient for you. And, there's a bonus! To show our appreciation, every month we'll randomly draw 6-winners who will each win a $25 Tango gift card. Tango gift cards can be redeemed with top-name brands like Amazon, Starbucks, and iTunes®.

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