The relationship between Canada and China, by the numbers

OTTAWA — Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday their two countries would explore free trade talks, work out new rules for Canadian canola exports and begin talks on an extradition agreement.

Here's a look at the story, by the numbers:

US$10.8 trillion — China's GDP in 2015.

US$1.55 trillion — Canada's GDP in 2015.

2 — China's position among Canada's single-nation trading partners.

$20 billion — Canadian exports to China in 2015, including wood pulp, paper, oil seeds, wood, wood products and ores.

$65 billion — Imports from China in 2015, including electronic equipment, furniture, toys, clothing, iron or steel products and plastics.

3.8 million — Tonnes of Canadian canola seed exported to China in 2015.

$2 billion — Value of Canadian canola seed exported to China in 2015.

448,000 — Number of Chinese visitors to Canada in 2014.

367,000 — Number of Canadian visitors to China in 2014.

2,400 — Estimated number of executions in China in 2015. Human rights groups say the number is an estimate because death penalty data is considered a state secret.