Canadian broadcaster powers up new 24-hour video game channel Ginx TV

LONDON, Ont. — Video game enthusiasts are getting a 24-hour Canadian TV channel aimed at satisfying their appetites for competition.

Pay-TV broadcaster Super Channel says it's bringing U.K.-based brand Ginx Esports and its roster of gaming shows overseas.

The lineup of video game tournaments, lifestyle programs and reviews will be targeted at viewers who tune out TV shows in favour of their video game consoles.

Esports have become a global sensation that attract thousands of spectators to live events held at arenas and other venues around the world.

It's also become a growing part of Canada's entertainment industry.

Movie exhibitor Cineplex Entertainment began testing the waters over a year ago with head-to-head competitions on the big screen, while sports broadcaster TheScore Inc. runs a website for breaking news and gaming statistics.

Super Channel says it intends to replace one of its four movie channels with Ginx Esports by the summer.

Plans are to give its existing subscribers the gaming channel as part of their package, but newcomers will have to purchase Ginx Esports through their cable provider.


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