Snow White and the Huntsman sequel confirmed

A Snow White and the Huntsman sequel has been confirmed, with Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth set to return as the title characters.

The fantasy adventure movie took in more than $55 million (U.S.) at the box office in its opening weekend.

David Koepp has been commissioned to write the new script, which picks up after the events of the first movie.

Stewart and Hemsworth are both optioned for two more movies, while it is unclear if there will be a role for Charlize Theron's evil queen.

There is also no word on if director Rupert Sanders — who made his feature film debut with Snow White and the Huntsman — will return for the sequel.

Hemsworth and Stewart have previously joked that they are writing the follow up but conceded it probably wouldn't be very successful.

When Stewart was asked if she was writing a movie with boyfriend Robert Pattinson, the actress said, 'No,' but Hemsworth claimed he and the actress are working on a script.

He said: ''We are. Snow White and the Huntsman 2 written by us, and it might be more of a straight-to-video version if they let us write it.''

Stewart added: ''It'll be better. Our version? We've basically written it. No, I'm kidding. We're gonna write the second one, all of us [in the cast].''

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