Katie Holmes goes to a Spice Girl for marriage counseling

After she reached a divorce settlement with Tom Cruise on Monday, we were all set to go back to ignoring Katie Holmes for the next decade or so.

But then this little bit leaked: It seems she turned to none other than Victoria Beckham for marriage advice.

“Victoria’s been a real tower of strength. Katie’s seen how a normal marriage should function by being around Victoria and David Beckham, so she knew that something was wrong with her relationship with Tom,” a source tells Now magazine.

“(Victoria) has been trying not to take sides, but she has let Katie know she’ll be there for her whatever she chooses to do.”

Katie, we get that you’ve had an exceedingly strange, disconnected five years, but marriage counseling from a Spice Girl?

Did you consult your Barbie legal panel, too?

Join us back in the real world, girl.

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