Amanda Tapping takes career to a whole new world

Since 1997, Amanda Tapping has been helping protect humanity from terrestrial as well as extraterrestrial threats, first as Colonel Samantha Carter in Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, then as Sanctuary’s Dr. Helen Magnus. With the latter TV show having recently ended its run after four seasons, the Leo Award-winning actress has been busy working on a number of new projects.

Last month she directed three episodes of the new Sci-Fi series Primeval: New World. It follows a team of scientists tracking down “anomalies” or rifts in time allowing the passage of prehistoric creatures into present day Vancouver, including some very familiar places.

“We shot some of my first Primeval episode inside a Canadian Tire store,” says Tapping with a smile.

“There were night shoots and we had to build a warehouse. The biggest challenge was trying to make warehouse shelving look interesting scene after scene. I think we found a very cool way to do that, though, and sell the environment within the story that we were trying to tell.

“This episode also allowed me to show what I feel is a fantastic dynamic between the characters of Evan Cross [Niall Matter] and Dylan Weir [Sara Canning]. I wanted to play up the gentleness of their friendship and the fact that when you come under the line of fire with someone and almost die, it creates a bond that can never be broken.”

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