Milla Jovovich likes hotel shampoo, and her job as queen zombie killer

When I first see Milla Jovovich, she’s carrying a handful of hotel toiletries to her bag, explaining that she’s taking them home with her. “I have guest rooms, and I think it’s super-chic to put them out, and then when people are finished with them, either they buy their own or they know it’s time to leave,” she explains.

“I can obviously afford to buy shampoo, but it’s a principle thing, right?” Jovovich certainly can afford any toiletries she wants, since her zombie-fighting film series is up to its fifth installment, Resident Evil: Retribution, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

When you get to the fifth film in a franchise, how do you keep track of the story?

I’m married to the writer-director. That helps. Because literally, I think up until last year I totally thought Alice was the bad guy. And Paul [W.S. Anderson] was like, “No, but don’t you remember in No. 1, the whole flashback sequence?” And I was like, “Are you sure?” And he’s like, “I wrote the script. I think I’m sure.” But pretty much there is no script. Michelle [Rodriguez] and I like to say that Paul just has a video camera and presses record. So it’s pretty much like reality TV.

There’s talk of an all-female version of the Expendables.

We’re the ones that set it up. Paul and I have an idea for a female Expendables project, but Expendables is a very conceptual film, so how do you translate that into a female genre without being derivative? There’s not that many girls that you would associate with that, do you know what I mean? There are many more guys that are known as action stars than women, so how would you make a female Expendables in that way? It’s tough, but we have a really interesting idea that I won’t tell you about right now, but it’s really cool and it would be sort of like a female Expendables. It would be strong women taking vengeance.

Milla’s Twitter rule

“If I’m going to tweet, I need to tweet and be able to have an hour to tweet. I can’t just tweet one thing and then disappear. It’s a Russian thing. I’m a guilt-ridden human being, I live in guilt. Always. If I’m going to tweet, I want to chat, I want to have quality time. I could not tweet for a month, which I think is OK, but when I do tweet, I give them a good hour of my time. I don’t want to be halfway there.”

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