Sound Check: Ontario natives Neil Young, Indian Handcrafts, and The Scenics

Born in Ontario/Neil Young


Two collaborations with Crazy Horse this year? Well, they hadn’t worked together since 2004, so they’re just making up for lost time. Psychedelic Pill is Young’s 35th studio record. And he still remembers where he’s from.

When You Come Around/The Scenics


Ancient Toronto punk band (they were at The Last Pogo at the Horseshoe in ’78), got back together in 2008 and is set to release Dead Man Walks Down Bayview on Tuesday, their first album since 1979.

Bruce Lee/Indian Handcrafts


Super-cool sludge rock from two-piece Ontario outfit that owns a lot of Uncle Neil’s earlier fuzzed out guitar sounds. Civil Disobedience for Losers is worth a listen.

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