Ontario pooch Linzy wins 'Over the Rainbow' Toto contest

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Little Linzy's winning run on CBC's Over the Rainbow almost didn't happen.

"I heard about the audition at Woofstock, and thought I'd go down and if it doesn't cost me a fortune to park, I'd do it," said the dog's owner, Reta Thompson.

Fortunately, Thompson found a spot, and the pair went on to win the coveted ruby red collar as part of the show's Finding Toto competition.

Thompson, who hails from Georgetown, Ontario, is something of an amateur animal trainer. When she adopted Linzy a few years ago, she found the little mutt to be a willing student.

"She just wants to learn," Thompson said.

All the training paid off as Linzy beat out nine other canines in competitions ranging from obedience to grooming and dog tricks.

The win netted Thompson $1,000 in cash and a shiny new dog house for Linzy.

Unlike the winning Dorothy, La Salle's Danielle Wade, Linzy won't be cast in the Andrew Lloyd Webber production of "The Wizard of Oz." The role of Toto will be filled by a trio of professionally trained stage dogs, Thompson said.

"Although I'm sure Linzy could do it," she added.

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