What happens after you’ve spent five years as a Twilight vampire?

The actors who portray the Cullen family in the Twilight series have had the luxury of a steady gig for five years now — something of a rarity for a film actor. But that’s all over now. So, who’s ready for life after Twilight and who’s not? We checked in with the Cullens.

Kellan Lutz: “I’ve been working on my clothing line for about two years called Abbott + Main, which is another one of my passions — fashion. It’s in Nordstrom, it’s in Bloomingdales, it’s doing great. Career-wise, I love action movies so I’m producing a couple...”

Nikki Reed: “I just put out an album. Every song is written by my husband and me, and we sing together. We also have a song on the Twilight soundtrack. I did four really cool films this year, two I’m especially proud of — one called Empire State with Liam Hemsworth and ... In Your Eyes, that was written ... by Joss Whedon.”

Jackson Rathbone: “I’ve been focusing on my production company, trying to get projects launched. It’s a learning process as a producer just as much as I constantly learn as an actor. I do have hopes to direct. And I always make independent music through my record label, Happy Jack Music.”

Ashley Greene: “We’re all thankfully working. I’m doing this movie, CBGB, right now that’s very independent. Everyone involved is a well-oiled machine. It’s just fun...”

Peter Facinelli: “I was doing Nurse Jackie and the Twilight saga literally shooting simultaneously for three or four years, so it’s hard even now going to Nurse Jackie and not having another job to go to.”

Elizabeth Reaser: “We had careers before this. I know how to manage what that lifestyle is, and you find a way to be creative and be useful in your life when you’re not working.”

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