Ewan McGregor talks 'classic' family flick Jack the Giant Slayer

Ewan McGregor gets his daring-do on for director Bryan Singer in Jack the Giant Slayer, playing a knight who’s forthright and heroic — to a fault — as he and Jack (Nicholas Hoult) try to rescue a princess from the aforementioned giants. But McGregor’s inspiration for the character may surprise you.

You look fantastic in this movie. It seems like you haven’t aged in the last 10 years. What gives?

(Laughs) I don’t have a secret to that, I’m afraid.

When you’re presented with a forthright knight type of character, how do you approach that?

I don’t know, it’s a pretty understandable character. It’s a sort of classic role. It’s not something new, really. I just played what was on the page, really.

It’s very well and clearly written in the script. And I liked the humour. I thought the humour that was in the writing was very good. I like the fact that he’s sort of very gung-ho but very often doesn’t quite get things right, and then Jack has to come along behind him and tidy things up. Sort of like a Hong Kong Phooey type style. That cartoon was one of my main sources of research, Hong Kong Phooey.

The film very carefully walks that line of appealing to both kids and adults.

I think that’s right. It lies in exactly the right place for a film that’s being made for a family to watch. Very often these days you take your kids to films and there’s inappropriate language or sexual jokes that are very clearly aimed for the parents. You don’t want your kids seeing that, or at least I don’t. But this is absolutely something that you could take your family to see and you wouldn’t find yourself in any awkward moments with your kids, you know? It’s a classic sort of family movie.

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