Girl Talk with singer Kate Nash

Kate Nash arrived in New York two nights ahead of the February blizzard, but ran into the storm that is Fashion Week. Nash recorded her new album, Girl Talk, and filmed three movie roles last year, so it’s not surprising that she already has a killer promo schedule — packed designer shows and DJing Teen Vogue’s party, which morphed into actress Chloe Moretz’s sweet 16 party. No jet lag slacking for the Brit singer/songwriter, that’s clear.

“It’s just a fun trip, really,” says Nash of New York City’s notoriously insane Fashion Week. If the 25-year-old sounds different this time, that’s be- cause she is.

She says the punky pop Girl Talk was fuelled by a breakup and her all-girl band. “Women connect with each other on an emotional level in a really big way. ... That was a really important thing for me over the last year, what with all the personal things I was going through.” She uses the phrase “going through” in reference to the breakup. “The record itself is basically purging for me,” she continues.

Nash has also revamped her style, with the key component of that word being “vamp.”

She says she’s not trying to be somebody she isn’t, though.

“It’s about making you feel good,” she says.

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