Not for the easily offended: Darren Frost and Kenny Robinson's triple X-rated show

Truth and dare.

Darren Frost and Kenny Robinson — two of Canada’s most controversial comedians — bring their triple X-rated thought/laugh-provoking Rank and Vile show to the Winnipeg Comedy Festival.

The gruesome twosome have been combining their uncensored acts for two years now, slaying comedy rooms across the country and, of course, offending a few people along the way.

Frost calls it the 80/20 rule, saying 80 per cent of people will love you and 20 per cent will hate you.

Thing is, with Frost, the 20 per cent is very vocal and sometimes even violent.

In 2008 at Yuk Yuk’s in London, Ont. an audience member threw a glass at Frost during his routine and earlier this year, at that same club, a front row heckler decided to question Frost’s battle with skin cancer.

“It’s the minority telling the majority what to think,” says Frost, 42.

“I don’t like Larry the Cable Guy, but I’m not going to go to one of his shows and tell everyone ‘You’re wrong!’ Sure, I may make fun of him on my radio show (XM Radio’s Anything Goes) or go off on that brand of comedy, but I’m not going to go out of my way to f— with a show. That doesn’t make any sense to me.”

A 30-year veteran of stand-up comedy, Robinson too has more than his fair share of heckling stories, but mostly he just gets compliments.

“Twenty years ago I used to do a bit about my aunt being a stripper,” says Robinson, 55, a former Transcona resident now based in Toronto.

“I would have my legs open and I was peeking between my thighs saying ‘How’s your mom? Did she like the banana bread I sent over?’ Oh God, maybe this was 25 years ago when I could still bend over.

“Anyway, these two girls and their father came up to me. The daughters hugged and kissed me and told me they’re both strippers and that it was the first time their dad had been out with them for a long time because he has cancer. So I reunited that little dysfunctional family. Comedy is such a wonderful medicine at times.”

The dirty deets

Rank and Vile goes down Friday night at the Gas Station Arts Centre. Tickets are $15 at the venue and ticketweb.ca. Showtime is 8 p.m.

Go to winnipegcomedyfestival.com for more information

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