Este Haim talks diabetes, dating, dirty minds

Este Haim sits perched at the bar — among love-locked couples and scurrying waiters — in central London’s trendy The Riding House Café. “It’s a first-date kind of place,” she strikes up.

Indeed, she’s the sassiest of the Los Angeles trio — three sisters that form the guitar-wielding indie-rock band Haim. Since last year, the siblings have roused the music industry jaded by dance derivatives with their Nu-folk-meets-’90s R&B pop.

The fans are swooning, too, with girls wanting to be them and boys wanting to bed them.

After a clutch of EPs and a series of tours worldwide, the Rapunzel-haired siblings — Este, 27, Danielle, 24, and Alana, 21 — are finally releasing their much-delayed debut album Days Are Gone, which includes tracks such as Don’t Save Me, Falling and Forever, due out on Sept. 30. Metro chats with the eldest sis — the band’s bassist — about their first record, cheating in exams, diabetics and their rock-loving parents.

Why did you delay your album release?

We wanted to be able to experiment and kind of figure out sonically how we wanted things to sound.

The truth is we did a couple of songs a couple of times a couple of different ways. On top of that we went on tour with people we really admired: Florence (Welch), Mumford and Sons, Vampire Weekend.

You’ve had so much hype and exposure that this doesn’t feel like your debut album.

To me this definitely feels like my first record. We’ve put a lot of pressure on ourselves.

Are you a perfectionist?

Yeah, to a fault. OCD, ADHD — it’s a lethal combination. We wanted it to sound cohesive and make sure there were some elements that tied everything together. It’s a reflection of our lives since we started the band.

Sounds deep.

Thank you. I went to college and university.

You finished a five-year course in two years — very impressive.

I did. Funny because yesterday I told everyone onstage I cheated on my SATs.

How did you cheat?

Well, I basically had my phone with me.

I’m impressed you managed to get your phone in.

It’s because… oh my god. Because I’m diabetic, I get to have my room and I get more time on the SATs — no one was watching me.

Have you used that trick since?

To get out of a speeding ticket. I don’t want to use diabetes as an excuse because it’s not, but speeding tickets in America are like $600, you get two points on your record and my dad would have taken my car away.

What actually happened?

The cop pulled me over and I was like, ‘My blood sugar is low and I was rushing to 7-Eleven to get an OJ’ and he let me go.

Let’s talk men: You’ve got a bit of a thing for rapper A$AP Rocky.

It goes without saying — he is a pretty motherf—r and he has such swagger.

You recorded LVL with him. Was he stoned?

Let’s just say it was pretty purple in there. We ended up having a weird YouTube party where we tried to one up each other on who could show the dopest YouTube video.

That’s where I discovered Gangnam Style — A$AP Rocky showed it to me. We couldn’t figure out what he was saying — we thought it was “open condom style.”

Dirty mind.

My mind is perpetually in the gutter.

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