Tinder 101: How to get a date with an app

It’s the dating app that’ll have your on-screen lust life swiped into action. Here’s our guide to meeting the person behind the profile pic.

Profile pictures –Don’t mis-sell yourself

Frankly, group shots are irritating. You’re selling yourself, not your mates – so your first image should be a headshot and nothing too distorted and artsy. No abs shots, guys, this isn’t for the cover of Men’s Health. Remember: people are flicking through photos at a rate worthy of R.S.I. (repetitive strain injury) so make ‘em stop with a flirty face or power pose – and yes, pouting does work girls as long as you’ve got the lips for it.

Bio – Peppy, not prosaic

On a site where the sole focus is on the superficial, the bio can seem kind of redundant. Keep it down to a few helpful hints about you – but don’t expect the furious finger flicker to take any notice of it. Girls: if you’re tall (over 5-foot-10), include your height, unless you’re after a Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes situation. Lastly, any quirky facts (Burlesque dancer) or particular passions can be a great way to start a convo.

Openers – Don’t come on too strong, bunny boiler

Unless you’re a condemned man, don’t profess your love over Tinder. Conversely, save the dirty talk for a hook-up site: “You absolute babe :) I would love to totally wreck you x”. You’re not talking to a sex-crazed avatar, so kick off with something that you might actually say to a real person, like “Hi, how are you? What did you get up to over the weekend?”

Seal the deal – Get that date down

OK, the Tinder texting is sparking and you wanna meet up with the person behind the profile pic. Ask for their number, and if they’re a bit nervy, send yours first and make friends over Facebook. That way, the potential love interest can get an idea of your social life and decide whether they want to be part of your weekends in a torture dungeon.

First date – Play it cool

People have a tendency to over-think the first date scenario but when it comes to a blind date of sorts, it’s best to keep it simple. Drinks and chat is a reliable option.

Tinder 101

• It’s a dating app, not a sex app.

• It’s free on a smartphone.

• The app connects to Facebook and accesses your friends, though it doesn’t broadcast that you’re on Tinder.

• Your ‘About’ section, if you have one, will also appear on Tinder.

• You can only choose profile pictures from your Facebook page.

• Swipe right to like and left to pass.

• Get a match (you’ve both swiped right on each other) and the Tinder icon turns blue. Now you can chat or, as the game says, “Keep Playing”.

Tinder Talk

• Men, a.k.a. ‘Tinmen’

• Girls, a.k.a. ‘Tindettes’

• ‘Blueing’ – you’ve got a match

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