Winnipeg's Scott Nolan talks the missing piece of North/South album

Scott Nolan’s new record has dual citizenship. North/South, a live album from the Winnipeg singer-songwriter and his partner in music Joanna Miller, consists of a ’Peg performance at the Park Theatre and a road gig in Georgia.

The roots rock duo had been sitting on the Park portion of North/South for a couple years.

“I didn’t feel like I had a record,” Nolan says. “I really loved what went down at the Park, but we don’t really do set lists or anything like that. I had some good performances and good sounds, but the song selection didn’t work out the way I wanted.”

Nolan and Miller received the missing pieces to its puzzle in April, when the duo played a gig at the Red Clay Theatre in Duluth, Ga., which was recorded by a sound engineer named Shalom Aberle. Funnily enough, Nolan and Miller had previously crossed paths with Aberle while on tour with Texas country singer-songwriter Hayes Carll, and the result wasn’t as pleasant.

“I remember he became so difficult that at some point I turned around onstage to confront him and Hayes intervened,” Nolan says, noting that he and Miller were a little late for the gig.

“This time, I was there earlier. I spent some time with him and he’s really a wonderful guy. He’s just a real perfectionist, a real serious sound engineer.

“I think that first show wasn’t in his comfort zone, so it was an artist behaving a little erratically. Anyway, we hit it off much better at the second show and he wound up recording it for us.”

Nolan says he’s very pleased with North/South, especially for the fact that after 15 years playing and touring together, it’s the first recording that features just himself and Miller.

“I play songs in shows that she’s never had the benefit of hearing, but by the end of the song she’ll be singing harmonies,” says Nolan of his relationship with Miller.

“She just knows where I’m going to go. Sometimes before I do.”

Nolan and Miller release

North/South at the Park Theatre on Friday.

•    Tickets.  $15 at the Park, Music Trader and ticketbreak.com or $20 at the door. Showtime is 8 p.m.

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