Library Voices pumped for first hometown show in years

The lead singer of indie-pop collective, Library Voices, has got the jitters.

Carl Johnson tells Metro that it’s been almost two years since the band played a proper show in their hometown of Regina.

“I haven’t felt like this in a while,” he said.

Sure, the seven-piece took part in major industry events that came to the city including the Junos in 2013 and the Western Canadian Music Awards in 2012. But on Dec. 20 at the Exchange, they will perform just for the fans.

“It’s good to be back at it, together with everyone,” said Johnson.

Part of the reason for the mini hiatus, he added, was fatigue.

After first arriving to critical acclaim with the Hunting Ghosts (& Other Collected Shorts) EP in 2008, Library Voices followed up with two strong studio albums  — 2010’s Denim on Denim and 2011’s Summer of Lust.

“We had been on the road for four years constantly,” said Johnson. “We felt it was time to take a break and replenish the juices.”

They are writing new material with an eye to a spring 2014 release date, said Johnson, and plan on giving audience members a sneak peak at an unreleased song called Slacker on Friday night.

While the band has become known for matching literary references with boisterous and hook-filled tunes, lyricist and keyboardist Mike Dawson said that he is trying hard to make sure the act doesn’t grow stale.

“That theme will definitely disappear in the coming records,” said Dawson. “How many things can I possibly say tying a book to a hangover?”

For now, Dawson is excited about returning to Regina for the show since he’s been away working in Vancouver as the booking agent for the Biltmore Cabaret concert venue.

He said that Saskatchewan is often overlooked for the diversity of music that comes out of the province.

“Regina’s music scene is like a giant basement party,” said Dawson.

And Library Voices couldn’t have picked a better club for their triumphant return to the local stage.

“Exchange is probably our favourite place to play in the world,” said Dawson. “It’s where the band played their first show.”

Library Voices perform at the Exchange on Friday with special guests Close Talker and Soundtracks for Sad Movies. Tickets are $12.00.

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