Take a peek at the faces of 2014’s television takeover

We’re calling it. These are the actors destined for small screen stardom this year and the shows you won’t be able to turn off. Get to know them.

Jonathan Groff

Where he’s been:

Remember Jesse St. James from Glee? He was the cocky (and cute!) lead of Vocal Adrenaline, New Directions’ biggest singing rivals in Season 1. He pretended to like Rachel to get close to the group and take them down from the inside. He eventually ends up egging her in a parking lot. Not cool, bro.

Where he’s going:

Groff stars as one of the three male leads on HBO’s Looking (premieres this Sunday), a new drama-comedy about a group of gay friends in San Francisco, à la Girls but, you know, with guys. He’s still really cute.

David Walton

Where he’s been:

Walton starred as the rakish and incorrigibly irresponsible Vance on NBC’s short-lived (but actually, rather well-done) 2010 sitcom, Perfect Couples. He stole the show. More recently, he had a recurring role on New Girl as Jess’s goofy love interest, Dr. Sam.

Where he’s going:

They’re making a television adaptation of Nick Hornby’s 1998 novel About a Boy. It was also adapted into an awesome Hugh Grant movie in 2002. The story is the same: Walton will star as rakish and incorrigible bachelor and man-child Will Freeman, an independently wealthy and totally self-involved guy whose life is turned upside down when he meets a weird young boy and his kooky mother. About a Boy debuts on NBC on February 25.



This buddy comedy about three military brat brothers — a star soldier, an authority-resistant slacker and an earnest but incompetent screw-up — features a motley crew of characters quirky enough to keep storylines fresh. Plus, the slacker bro is played by Chris Lowell (of Veronica Mars) who recalls an early-days Jim Halpert and seems destined for bigger things.


Now! Premiered Jan. 10 on Fox.

Greg Kinnear

Where he’s been:

OK, OK, you know where he’s been. Kinnear is not exactly a fresh face, seeing as he’s a big-ass movie star — As Good as It Gets, Little Miss Sunshine, You’ve Got Mail, just to name a few — but he’s never before starred on the small screen.

Where he’s going:

That’s about to change, because Kinnear is set to star in Fox’s new comedy Rake, as Keegan Deane, a self-destructive criminal defence lawyer whose career, personal life and finances are in the toilet. An adaptation of an Australian legal drama, Rake paints Deane in a less bleak light (apparently the original was pretty dark), probably because it’s difficult not to be charmed by Kinnear.

Sasheer Zamata

Where she’s been:

A regular performer with Upright Citizens Brigade, the comedian has appeared in various sketches on fellow comedians’ shows, including Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell and Inside Amy Schumer.

Where she’s going:

The funny lady was just hired as the newest cast member on Saturday Night Live and the first black female cast member since biracial SNL alum Maya Rudolph left the show way back in 2007. It’s about time. We have high hopes for Zamata, who, if the sketches we’ve watched are any indication, has the comedy chops to shake up a show that many feel has become tired and a bit rote.

The Spoils of Babylon


Um, why not? This new spoof of “epic TV miniseries adaptations” has a cast so good, we’d watch them do just about anything. Stars include Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, Haley Joel Osment (he sees funny people!), Val Kilmer, Tim Robbins and many more.


Now! Premiered Jan. 9 on IFC.

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