Scared of the 9-to-5 grind? You will be after watching this film

An Ottawa horror filmmaker is focusing his lens on the scary 9-to-5 life.

Andrew J.D. Robinson is halfway through filming 'Beauty Sleep' – a silent, surrealist take on the banal everyday work life, featuring creepy white masks, social anxiety and people attached to their cell phones.

“Some people are scared of dying or skydiving,” said Robinson, 26. “To me, what really scares me, is banality. The film is really trying to poke at what we’re all doing.”

Mary Lynn, played by Maura Stephens, is a young professional who takes medication for social anxiety. When on these medications, she’s shown wearing a mask, but when she accidentally dumps her pills in the toilet, she sees a more sobering view of the world through her own eyes. Are her bizarre, frightening visions a symptom of her disorder or are they reality?

With a running time of less than 20 minutes, the film also addresses society’s reliance on technology vis-à-vis shots of other drone-like characters glued to their phones.

“It’s like we’re all part of the community, but very disconnected from the person beside us,” said Robinson. “We’re all kind of caught in this machine, of sorts.”

This latest film venture is a sequel to Robinson’s Beauty Marks, which was featured in the Ottawa International Film Festival (OIFF) in 2011.

Robinson said he’s hoping to take 'Beauty Sleep' to film festivals across Canada and the United States.

He’s footing the filming costs with his minimum wage renovation contract work.

Mind-bending movie lovers should be able to see Robinson's film by Halloween.

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