Exploring Casa Loma with Spamalot's Sir Galahad

Follow along as Andrew takes an intriguing person out for a night on the town, visiting some of Toronto’s newest hot spots and offering tips on how you can create your own date night.

I was excited about going on a date with Thomas James Finn, the actor who takes on the role of Sir Dennis Galahad in the Lower Ossington Theatre’s Spamalot.

The Tony award-winning Broadway musical originally premiered in 2005 and is based on the campy classic film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. With proud British ancestral roots, I grew up in a family where Monty Python jokes regularly found their way into conversation at the dinner table.

I met Finn at Toronto’s Casa Loma, intentionally setting our date in a romantic, historical setting to encourage a narrative that focused on the chivalrous knights of Camelot. On a tour of the estate we trudged through a damp tunnel, whisked our way through stately horse stables and gawked at a crystal chandelier-adorned ballroom.

Chatting with Finn I realize his accent ebbs and flows.

“I grew up in Wasaga Beach but am originally from County Meath in Ireland. My family moved to and fro throughout my childhood. Taking on an accented role for Monty Python is a perfect fit for me.” Finn has been a fan of Monty Python’s quirky humour since he was a kid and adds, “My dad is from Liverpool and the first of the films we watched together was Life of Brian.”

Finn has always been fascinated with putting on a show.

“Every Christmas, my house was lively like the Sound of Music. My grandfather was a professional singer in Ireland, my idol. I loved singing along to Disney movies but my first experience with live musical theatre was Grease. I was immediately in love. Everyone at home called me Little Travolta.”

This summer, Finn plays Sir Dennis Galahad, a mud digger who is asked by King Arthur to join his Knights of the Round-

table. “The show is hilarious, goofy and silly. My character transforms from very much a people person to a gorgeous, self-indulgent knight who can’t stop tossing his luscious hair.”

The show’s opening weekend sold out in record time. Not surprising, as Toronto and its suburbs are home to a vibrant Brit population eager to enjoy a nostalgic laugh.

“Spamalot is perfect for a date night,” says Finn.

Where to go before, after

Heading to LOT for a show and want to make it a date night? Check out Finn’s favourite spots to grab a drink or a bite just a stone’s throw from the theatre.

Pre: Frankie’s has been a West Queen West diner fixture for over 35 years. Grab the Texas Burger stuffed with Doritos.

Post: The Well is a bar owned by a tattoo artist who has created a funky space where the menu is written in chalk and celebrity portraits wave back at you.

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