Bad Mother takes a humorous look at the struggles of working mothers

Sarah Kapoor pulled from her own life and cast her own mother in film

Director Sara Kapoor stars  in The Bad Mother, available on Video on Demand.


Director Sara Kapoor stars in The Bad Mother, available on Video on Demand.

Filmmaker Sarah Kapoor gave her mom a mother’s day gift she’ll never forget — she cast her in a movie about motherhood.

“Well, I didn’t have to pay her,” laughed the actor-director about working alongside her mom in the new comedy The Bad Mother. “That was probably the riskiest casting decision of all but we wanted to make the movie (and) it was a way to skip the acting costs and start filming right away.”

Kapoor’s benevolence wasn’t just limited to her mother either. In fact, the film experience extended to the whole family as her husband and kids also appear in the movie of a mom so fed up with an oppressive work-life balance that she drafts up a rant that accidentally goes viral — sending her situation into chaos.

“For women who need and want to work, there’s so many obstacles and if you choose to be a stay-at-home mother, you’re undervalued,” said Kapoor about the spark that ignited her cinematic ode to motherhood. “There’s an abundance of incredible research that supports these ideas but there was no mainstream, accessible movie about it. So we took the field of dreams approach and (thought) build it and they will come.”

A working mother of two herself, Kapoor insists that the main character she portrays may not be quite true-to-life, but she’s a definitely a composite of truth.

“Certainly it’s inspired by feelings that I’ve had. The character Tara is an alternate version of myself,” said Kapoor, adding the story’s broader message about family may be more profound. “It’s about women and mothers for sure, but when you watch the movie, its really about that struggle that impacts the whole family — it’s hard on dads too when work-culture demands an enormous amount of loyalty.”

A poignant topic that could’ve easily been dealt with a heavy hand, Kapoor made sure to give the social issue a lift of levity.

“Imagine pitching a movie on work-life balance and child care — who’s going to go for that?” said Kapoor. “But if you make it and it’s funny and endearing — well, the response has been wonderful.

The Bad Mother is available online at badmothermovie.com

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