Why Canadians are yearning for One Mississippi

The show is available only to U.S. viewers — for now

Canada cannot yet access Amazon Prime series One Mississippi.


Canada cannot yet access Amazon Prime series One Mississippi.

THE SHOW: One Mississippi, Season 1, Episode 1 (Amazon)
THE MOMENT: The deadpan question

Comedian Tig Notaro, playing a version of herself, is living through a nightmare: recovering from breast cancer, suffering a virulent infection, and about to bury her mother in her Mississippi hometown.

She rides to the funeral with her touchy-feely girlfriend Brooke (Casey Wilson), her brother Remy (Noah Harpster), and her stepfather Bill (John Rothman) — the world’s most literal man. (“You’ll find him somewhere between room temperature and sleet,” Tig says.)

Tig tells Remy that her eulogy “is the last thing I’ll ever say to Mom.”

“Well, it’s not,” Bill counters, “because she can’t hear you, obviously. The last thing you said to her was probably something like, ‘Okay,’ or ‘Bye.’”

“Thanks, Bill,” Remy says, tongue in cheek.

“No, I know what Bill is trying to say,” Brooke offers.

“Sometimes reality, even when it’s imperfect, is more beautiful than anything we could imagine or write.”

Tig regards Brooke. Perfect pause.

“Do you really think that’s what Bill was saying?” she asks.

I love the concept of beshert: finding your other half, your “meant to be.”

I feel this show, which premiered in the U.S. on September 9, from my dream team — co-writer Diablo Cody, producer Louis C.K., director Nicole Holofcener — may be mine.

But I ache, because Canadians cannot yet access Amazon Prime series.

We can, however, watch this pilot for free, and be tantalized by Notaro’s deadpan hilarity. It’s killing me that there are five more episodes, which I cannot touch.

I accept that yearning is part of love. But when will this heartache end?