Rare comic book that could be worth thousands stolen in Vancouver

VANCOUVER — A collection of rare comics has been stolen in a Vancouver break-in.

The Vancouver Police Department says a 45-kilogram safe was stolen from a home, with the stack of valuable comics inside.

The theft happened in east Vancouver at around noon on Monday.

One of the comics is "Fantastic Four: Issue No.1" from 1961, and investigators are confident the unique item will be quickly spotted if it is offered for sale.

Patrick Shaughnessy, the owner of Golden Age Collectibles in Vancouver, says that depending on the condition of the edition it could sell from $4,300 to as much as $400,000.

He said very few copies exist in the highest grades and there are only a few of those remaining.

"'Fantastic Four: No. 1' was the very first Marvel superhero comic," said Shaughnessy. "That's the beginning of the whole Marvel universe. Fantastic Four came first and then it was Hulk and then Spiderman and then Ironman and then all the others came from there."

Police say in a news release that someone must know where the comics are and they are urging anyone with information to contact them or Crime Stoppers.

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