E3 2017: Culdcept Revolt is a mashup of monsters and Monopoly

This addictive dice-rolling territory game is back on the 3DS — look for it at the end of August.

The first Culdcept came out 20 years ago.


The first Culdcept came out 20 years ago.

The Culdcept series returns after a long hiatus, and it’s still and niche and quirky as ever.

The new 3DS game, Culdcept Revolt, is like monopoly, but with monsters. You travel around a multi-coloured board (much like the different coloured neighbourhoods on Monopoly), except instead of buying a hotel on Park Place, you’re placing a gas monster on a red square.

If another player lands on that square, they can either pay a toll, or try to fight the monster.

Adding another layer of complexity, the monsters you can play are determined by the cards in your hand. You draw a card every turn, and they range from powerful monsters to abilities, like automatically rolling a six on the dice.

You win the match by getting a certain amount of gold (in the demo is was 8,000) before the other players.

There’s a lot to keep track of here, but it’s surprisingly easy to get into it. I was plopped into the demo and within about 15 minutes had a pretty good grasp of the mechanics.

It’s a great title for the 3DS, to play mini matches on the road.

Culdcept Revolt is due out August 29.

Metro's Aaron Chatha is reporting from E3 in California this week, one of the biggest conferences for the video game industry.

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