E3 2017: The cringeworthy combat of Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash

Ninjas meet... erotic supersoaker action?

Bikinis and super soakers in the latest Senran Kagura game.


Bikinis and super soakers in the latest Senran Kagura game.

Water gun fights have never made me feel so dirty.

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash is a game where you play as a busty anime woman and use a water gun to soak other busty anime women. The concept is worth a few chuckles, but only at first.

Soak a woman enough, and they fall to the floor, defeated. It’s at this point you can execute a special attack, like shooting water at their bikini until their top pops off.

It’s censored (barely), but the developers don’t shy away from putting the characters in very awkward, erotic poses.

The gameplay is nothing to write home about – the right trigger shoots, the left trigger locks on to opponents and another button reloads.

There are cards you can activate for special abilities, but it’s hardly necessary to beat the match.


The flimsy story involves an ancient tournament where female ninjas must compete to win 'anything they want.' It’s a spin-off of the Senran Kagura games, with characters from that franchise. The gameplay is team based, with some AI taking to help you out, but it’s not overly difficult and the AI is not overly helpful.

Look, quality doesn’t matter here. You already know once you heard the concept whether or not you’re going to buy this game.

While I was left flabbergasted by the experience, a few guys (and girls!) behind me were very excited to try out the demo, talking about their favourite characters and outfits, and howling with laughter and applause when one of the women in the game struck an overtly sexual pose in the nude.

Xseed games seems to have a lot of confidence in it as well. This wasn’t some game hidden away in some dark corner of E3 – it was actually at the front of the Xseed booth, loud and proud as the very first thing gamers saw when entering the West Hall of the convention floor.

The game is expected out on the Playstation 4 this summer.

Metro's Aaron Chatha is reporting from E3 in California this week, one of the biggest conferences for the video game industry.

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