What a post-eclipse future looks like, according to astrologer Kelly Benson

The impact of Monday’s eclipse may affect the course of our own lives. We asked Metro’s astrologer to explain the power this celestial show will have on moods and feelings — and, of course, what it will mean for U.S. President Donald Trump.

Andres Plana / Metro

The moon positioned itself between the sun and the Earth Monday for one of the greatest total eclipses in recent history. Astrologically, the sun symbolizes conscious action while the moon reflects our moods and our emotional outlook.

The eclipse took place on the last day of the sun’s journey through the constellation Leo. Traditionally Leo is the sign of kings, queens and awe-inspiring leaders. There is also the added influence of Mercury’s retrograde transit through the constellations Virgo and then Leo.

What does this mean? The moon’s shadow crossing the United States from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic marks an electrifying time of change in leadership, power and influence. This celestial passage invites us to review the ways in which we govern ourselves and communicate.

We must let go of romanticizing a past that no longer serves us, and awaken to the current situations we each face. Every last one of us is daily creating our own existences through our thoughts and deeds (or lack thereof).

The moon and sun are aligning at 29 degrees to the Earth — offering a dynamic contrast to the position of the planet Uranus — which symbolizes change and innovation.

This further pushes us to act on our beliefs as they apply to our communities and our commitment to social justice. Harness the fiery enthusiasm of this solar eclipse in Leo to regain your personal strength and realign your purpose. We are more alike than we are different.

Trump will feel strength of eclipse

Throughout the ages, solar eclipses are said to have affected kings, emperors, and heads of state. President Donald Trump’s sun is in Gemini, with his moon in Sagittarius and Leo rising at 29 degrees. This solar eclipse took place at 29 degrees Leo, right on his ascendant. This cosmic event is sure to impact Trump. I will go out on a limb and say there is no currentworld leader who will feel the strength of this solar eclipse as much as Donald Trump. How it manifests — is anyone's guess.

The sun and the moon - a new feature

As part of a new regular feature in Metro, astrologer Kelly Benson will explore the powers of the sun and the moon as they enter new celestial phases. Every month we experience one new moon and one full moon. When the sun and moon sit together in the same sign (the new moon) or when the Sun and Moon sit opposite one another (the full moon), Benson says these are cosmically charged times when we are more likely to experience powerful feelings or bursts of energy.

“Every culture on this beautiful blue dot floating in the universe has watched, recorded, and anticipated the movements of the sun and moon,” Benson explains. “Since we observe the sun during the daytime, our ancestors associated it with conscious action, will power and the father principle. In contrast, we honoured the moon at night, associating it with unconscious behaviour, feelings, moods and the mother principle.”

Here is Benson’s horoscope for the Leo New Moon (Solar Eclipse) taking place today:

Sun and Moon align in fiery and powerful Leo. The Emperor and the Empress are united. It’s a climactic time for change and new direction! Expressions of love, compassion, and conscious growth conquer fear and anger. Align your willpower and ambition with your heart's passions and you can’t go wrong.

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