Actress Angourie Rice drawn to romantic drama Every Day's lesson of acceptance

The blending of romance and fantasy is an ongoing trend for young adult fiction these days, and Every Day — based on David Levithan's bestseller — is no exception.

Angourie Rice and Justice Smith in Every Day.


Angourie Rice and Justice Smith in Every Day.

Every Day isn’t your average romantic drama. After all, the highly anticipated adaptation of David Levithan’s bestseller focuses on a girl that falls in love with someone who wakes up every morning in a different body.

If that sounds outlandish, it doesn’t to most post-adolescent moviegoers. Whether it’s the vampire-themed Twilight franchise or the supernatural love story If I Stay, the blending of romance and fantasy is de rigueur for young adult fiction these days.

“It does have wild and crazy fantastical elements,” admitted star Angourie Rice about Every Day’s unique blend of fantasia. “But the amazing thing, and really it’s due to David Levithan’s incredible storytelling, is that it’s on a personal level and you can still connect with it.”

Rice (Spider-Man: Homecoming) plays the story’s soul-searching protagonist who, as she finds her mate in someone new each day, must learn to accept a variety of lifestyles and gender identifications.

“It introduces you to an idea that you might not have ever thought about,” said Rice of the premise. “It’s such a cool and interesting concept and visually as well, because you have all these people playing the same person. That’s really interesting (and) I love reading stories about who we are and how we see ourselves.”

In fact, how we see ourselves may hint at why YA romantic dramas like Every Day are filled with such elements. In fantasy, moviegoers are able to distance themselves from the complexities of real life even as the characters deal with similar issues, such as gender identity and sexuality. In the case of Every Day, “It’s fantastical but it's not unrealistic,” said Rice. “The themes are very universal — themes of love, friendship and family.”

On a practical level, however, Every Day did present the Australian actress with a challenge. Not only did the 17-year-old have to film intimate scenes, she had to develop that chemistry with over 15 different partners.

“I had multiple co-star buddies that were with me a couple days at a time so it was very strange,” laughed Rice. “But you just have to approach it like any kind of job, and it was actually really exciting because I got to meet lots of new and cool people.”

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