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Overcoming abuse, Purple Reign was born

Purple Reign learned to harness her considerable potential to overcome abuses that could have meant the end of her life.

For more than a year, Purple Reign was abused by her boyfriend – physically, emotionally and mentally. One night, when she was given permission to go out with friends – which didn’t happen very often – Reign returned home to find her boyfriend angry and belligerent.

He attacked her.

“I told him I was going to call the police. I tried to escape and he kept coming after me,” she says.

Purple threw open the door, yelling, hoping someone in the condo complex would hear her. No one came to her aid.

“He was choking me and banging my head against the floor. I started to lose consciousness and I couldn't breathe. I just gave up because I felt so low to begin with. I was finished fighting.”

Finally, spent, her boyfriend stopped hitting her. With the help of a domestic violence lawyer, she kicked her boyfriend out, broke her lease and moved out right away so her ex couldn’t find her.

Within in a year, she met with Real Life Superhero Phoenix Jones and engaged in a healthy and loving relationship with him. She patrols with the Rain City Superheroes, a group of superheroes from Seattle who fight crime at night.

She has since founded the non-profit Purple Reign Campaign, where she raises funds for the Northwest Family Life non-profit organization. They help victims of domestic abuse by proving them with education, help and assistance.

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