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Fact or fiction: Can warp speed be achieved?

Can we travel at warp speed, like in “Galactica”?

Call it what you will –“lightspeed” in “Star Wars” or using your FTL drive in “Battlestar  Galactica” – but we aren’t capable of traveling faster than light yet.

Unfortunately, this also means we won’t be visiting Vulcan any time soon (and not because it was blown up in the J.J. Abrams’ movie).

“Getting from star system to star system has a fundamental stop to it because of human life spans, without traveling faster than the speed of light,” says Dr. Margaret Weitekamp, pop culture curator for the Division of Space History in the National Air and Space Museum, acknowledging that the idea of traveling that fast is “tremendously appealing.”

She also adds that neutrinos, subatomic particles, have been observed traveling faster than light so it may be possible in our very, very, very distant future… or eventually in space, the final frontier.

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