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A podcast about life in Canadian cities. Produced by Metro News and co-hosted by Vass Bednar, Matt Elliott and Luke Simcoe.

Ep. 8: Keep those billionaires in check

On this week's show: Jane Jacobs, breaking bylaws & privatizing parks

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Luke is back, and he’s got some pretty wild theories on the legacy of urbanist hero Jane Jacobs. Atlas shrugs! Meanwhile, Matt and Vass share their own reflections on Jane, and how her work influences the way they think about their neighbourhoods.

In segment two, your hosts put on their cowboy hats — and apparently nothing else — to talk about all the laws they routinely break in the city. Matt slyly works to destroy the hypothetical political careers of his co-hosts before accidentally outing himself as an anarchist.

Finally, Vass tells us about private funding for city parks. Is the trend of looking to rich philanthropists and corporations for cash for public spaces something we should be worried about? Just how slippery is this slope?

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