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A podcast about life in Canadian cities. Produced by Metro News and co-hosted by Vass Bednar, Matt Elliott and Luke Simcoe.

Ep. 9: I'm Jealous of Edmonton

On this week's episode: Urbanism in Edmonton with special guest Tim Querengesser.

Torstar News Service

This week, Matt and Luke fire up the telephone machine and talk to Metro Edmonton Managing Editor Tim Querengesser about the city he calls home. Working to overcome its Deadmonton reputation, Edmonton’s core has seen some rapid urbanization in recent years. Tim tells us about new development, the fun-to-say Funicular, privately-funded bike lane studies, what truth and reconciliation means for the city, and gives Ontario some advice on LRT planning and construction.

In the second segment, your hosts tackle a listener question about sprawl and the electric self-driving car. Matt, as always, relates things to the apocalypse.

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Vass Bednar will return.

Discussion Links

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·         Edmonton mayor Don Iveson

·         Edmonton Pedway

·         Edmonton Light Rail Transit

·         Edmonton’s City Architect

Reader Question

·         Question from @ChrisSpoke

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