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A podcast about life in Canadian cities. Produced by Metro News and co-hosted by Vass Bednar, Matt Elliott and Luke Simcoe.

Ep. 13: Fighting the urban parasite

An interview with Nathanael Lauster, author of The Life and Death of the Single-Family House.

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Is your house a parasite, sucking the very lifeblood out of your city? It might be. On this episode, Luke and Matt conduct an interview with Nathanael Lauster, professor of sociology at the University of British Columbia and author of the new book The Life and Death of the Single-Family House: Lessons from Vancouver on Building a Livable City.

Nathan tells us how the detached, single-family home once came to dominate many parts of Metro Vancouver, and how that dominance was challenged by new kinds of urban housing — dense, multi-family buildings that are better for the environment and help build more livable cities.

We talk about why the detached home remains desirable for so many people in most Canadian cities, and the regulations that have led Vancouver in a different direction. We also discuss why coastlines are terrible places to put highways and Nathan provides some timely advice to sprawly cities.

Meanwhile, Matt reveals that he never wants to mow a lawn again, while Luke professes a habitual affection for biology analogies.

Vass Bednar will return.

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