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Canadian Superheroes

Metro takes a look at our homegrown superheroes.

Nelvana of the Northern Lights anthology to be released in spring

Captain Canuck isn’t the only Canadian superhero emerging from the protective hands of comic book collectors or the dog-eared, twine-tied stacks in musty basements.

Pre-dating Wonder Woman, Nelvana of the North first appeared in comics in 1941 and ran for 31 issues. The tribal legends about the witch-like daughter of Koliak, King of the Northern Lights, inspired comic creator Adrian Dingle to pen a story about Canada’s first female superhero.

CGA Comics’ Hope Nicholson and her partner, Rachel Richey, launched a Kickstarter campaign last year to raise money to publish a complete anthology of all the Nelvana comics. Within five days they reached — and then doubled — their goal of $25,000. This spring, the 350-page book will be sent out to the project’s crowdfunders.

“She is amazingly drawn, she is an Inuit super goddess, which is something that is really unusual,” said Nicholson. “It is extremely Canadian. She actually, in one issues, arrives on a polar bear into battle, which is where Nelvana animation got its logo of a polar bear.”

To create the anthology, they went to about 13 different private and public collections across Canada to scan each page. They managed to get all of them except for one which they could not find, said Nicholson, who also produced the Canadian superhero documentary Lost Heroes, currently airing on Super Channel.

“It was in one private collector’s collection but it was too damaged to scan, so I had to go to a reference library yesterday get a microfiche scan.”

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