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Vicky Mochama and Ishmael Daro talk about everything that’s happening in your neck of the woods, if that place is Canada and all the other countries of the world. Each week, join them and special guests to get the finer details of politics, opinion — and which animals you can’t trust.

Safe Space — S2, Ep. 4: Corny White People and Yeezys for Dads

Vicky hosts an all-Black power hour with Eric Eddings, Britanny Luse and Sajae Elder to talk Harvery Weinstein, Eminem's cypher and too much cheese.


Hosts and producers of The Nod (@thenodshow), Eric Eddings (@eeddings) and Britanny Luse (@bmluse) — formerly of For Coloured Nerds — joined Vicky in the Safe Space this week.

They were joined on the panel by a very special guest host, Sajae Elder (@jaefiasco), for an all-Black power hour.

They chat about Harvery Weinstein, Eminem's cypher and how much cheese is too much cheese.

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