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Ep 31: The rise of gambling on esports, and why EVO is still behind the ball

Think there'll be sanctioned gamlbing at the world's biggest fighting game tournament? Don't bet on it.

Gambling at EVO? Don't bet on it.

Getty Images/Illustration by Colin McNeil

Gambling at EVO? Don't bet on it.

It’s a debate-heavy episode this week on Scrub League, as hosts Colin, Kevin and Samantha discuss (read: yell at each other about) EVO’s confirmation that there will be no officially sanctioned gambling at next year’s tournament.

The premier fighting game tournament, held in Las Vegas, seemed the ideal spot (at least to most of the Scrubs) to lay a bet if you’re competitive gaming fan, especially after the news that League of Legends will be gambling-friendly.

Blizzard’s upcoming Overwatch league gets some time in the audio spotlight as the Scrubs dissect the pros and cons of having teams required to “buy in”, and the pressure that puts on them to seek outside capital investments.

Next it’s on to the esports Industry Awards. No, not the REAL industry awards. Scrub League has chosen our own winners for each category. Let us know if you agree with our picks or not, and tweet @ScrubLeagueCast your love letters and hate mail.

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