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Ep 32: James Chen weighs in on Capcom Cup, Akuma and more

Is Akuma’s news design fugly, or is it just us? James Chen answers the important questions.

James Chen.

Courtesy Robert Paul

James Chen.

Will the X-Men ever make it into Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite? How will Street Fighter V’s “all new” season 2 DLC sit with fans? Is Akuma’s new design fugly, or is it just us?

Those are just a few of the burning questions we ask James Chen on this week’s episode of Scrub League.  Hosts Colin and Kevin (Samantha was off sick with Heroes of the Storm fever this week) chat with the fighting game community veteran about everything from Capcom Cup’s shocking day 1 upsets, to the nerfs and power ups coming to Street Fighter in 2017.

Later on, the boys dissect the possible coming of Smash Bros. Melee to the Nintendo Switch, and what that could mean for Smash’s quickly growing competitive scene.

Then it’s… Will Ferrell starring in an esports comedy? Ugh. Scrub League has its concerns about this upcoming Hollywood project.

All that, plus Riot’s attempts to stop Challenger promotion farming and Overwatch’s overrated Game Awards nod, on episode 33 of Scrub League.

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