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Marketing Research and Analytics is first of its kind in Canada

Interested in working with a market research firm? Or perhaps e-marketing has grabbed your attention? If so, then Centennial College’s Marketing Research and Analytics program might be something for you.

“This program was the first to be launched in Canada in collaboration with SAS in the United States,” says Victor Sousa, professor and coordinator of marketing programs at Centennial’s School of Business. “It’s a unique program because our graduates not only get a graduate certificate from Centennial College, but they also receive a joint certificate from SAS and Environics Analytics.”

So what exactly are students learning about in this program? A variety of marketing-related areas of study including techniques used to datamine and extract valuable knowledge about competitors and customers in a market setting, as well as learning to use Environics Envision software for customer analysis and SAS Enterprise software for applications, such as market basket analysis, credit card fraud or predictive analysis.

Coursework includes areas such as business communications, fundamentals of marketing research, computer applications for marketing analytics, statistics for market research and more. “The program consists of both lectures and labs with particular attention given to the needs of our students,” notes Sousa. “Once they graduate they go on to work in organizations, such as banks, corporate head offices or any other area where there is a need to analyze big data.”

This program is a two-semester program running from September to May or January to August and is open to students with a college diploma or university degree from a post-secondary institution. “Students curious about this program should have an interest in gaining knowledge from analyzing industries, online consumer behaviour, direct marketing, retail applications and many others,” notes Sousa.

Sousa adds that graduates of Centennial’s Marketing Research & Analytics program will learn different research methods and work to obtain the expertise necessary for creating effective surveys, statistical analysis, industry trends and consumer behaviour — all key skills in the field. “These skills are highly valued by employers because of their propensity for making better and informed business decisions,” says Sousa.

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