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Vancouver 2010: the Olympics of numbers


12,033: Olympic hotel rooms in Vancouver

2,959: Olympic hotel rooms in Whistler

2,850: Whistler Olympic Village population

2,730: Vancouver Olympic Village population


96,428: Olympic pass-holders of all types

2,803: Olympic writers, photographers and non-rights holding broadcasters


9,704,537: litres of fuel used

25,851: vehicle access and/or parking passes

4,629: auto fleet

1,259: buses and vans

65: kilometres of Olympic lanes in Vancouver


1,279,938: total sold to all sporting events

Most popular

556,638: hockey

151,557: curling

108,653: figure skating

Least popular

25,018: luge

11,396: nordic combined

10,641: skeleton

Energy and waste

119,784,118: kilowatt hours of electricity used at venues, villages and other facilities

5,260: gigagjoules of natural gas burned by the Games cauldrons

2,568.2: tonnes of waste recycled or composted

1,509.5: tonnes of general waste

360: loads of snow (totaling 9,400 cubic metres) trucked to Cypress Mountain

(sources: VANOC, International Olympic Committee, Olympic Games Index)

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