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Vancouver’s new smoothie delivery company can ease your morning routine

Food notes: Former UBC basketball stars Michael Steele and Tonner Jackson serving up The Good Stuff

A selection of the smoothies offered by The Good Stuff.


A selection of the smoothies offered by The Good Stuff.

In our day and age of convenience, most everything is available by delivery. Fortunately for smoothie lovers, a new local company -- founded by two friends and former UBC basketball players -- is on a mission to make good, healthy food easy for as many people as possible through their two-month-old business, The Good Stuff.

As university students, Michael Steele and Tonner Jackson noticed how difficult it was to get their daily intake of veggies. Smoothies were expensive and greens wilted quickly in the fridge. Their new passion project solves both of these problems. At $5-$6 per smoothie, The Good Stuff offers some of the least expensive smoothies in town. Customers are required to add the liquid component, but a bit of almond milk doesn’t add up to much -- plus, water is an option.

Michael and Tonner kept start-up costs low, too, while developing their business plan, “We wanted a way to experiment with healthy smoothie products without breaking the bank on ingredients. So, we invested in seeds and dirt instead! More affordable, and much more rewarding,” Michael shared.

Here’s how it works: choose to have your smoothies delivered to your front door (in a small, ice-pack-filled bin that gets swapped out each time you order) or pick them up from one of three retail locations in Vancouver.

The smoothie ingredients come sealed in recyclable paper cups. All you do is dump the mixture of fruits, vegetables and superfoods into your blender, add liquid and combine. The result is a nutrient-dense smoothie with well-balanced, unique flavours that takes about one minute to prepare.

One of my favourites is the Thunderbird, named after the founders’ days as UBC athletes. It’s made with banana, yam, kale, spinach, blueberry, hemp hearts, oats, parsley, beet root powder. Another winner is the fruity Madagascar smoothie with banana, carrot, strawberry, mango, spinach, goji berry, chia seeds, coconut oil.

Recipes were given the stamp of approval by Michael’s stepmom Diana Steele, an acclaimed dietician, who ensured the smoothies meet nutritional goals.

Since launch, Michael and Tonner have added a third business partner, Graeme Taylor, to their executive line-up, as well as two employees. Currently, they’re hiring for two more positions out of their commissary kitchen in North Vancouver.

The Good Stuff’s ultra user-friendly approach to smoothie delivery combined with the passion of three young entrepreneurs is a recipe for success. Their short-term goal is to grow their community here in Vancouver before expanding across North America. From what I can tell, they’re well on their way to making that dream come true.

To order The Good Stuff smoothies online, visit their site thegoodstuffco.com.

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