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Food Bites: Fresh tacos hit Main Street

Fresh tortillas make Maizal’s authentic Mexican a tasty lunch.

All of Maizal's tacos are served on handmade tortilla.

Abby Wiseman/For Metro

All of Maizal's tacos are served on handmade tortilla.

Tacos are the new sushi in this city, and as much as I love my maki rolls, I'm quite happy to swap out wasabi for hot chilies.

Maizal is a new taco spot that has cropped up on Main Street (2815 Main St.) that offers handmade in-house corn tortilla tacos.

The Tinga ($3.75) was light, aromatic pulled chicken, not heavy on the spice but warm and flavourful. Refried beans line the soft corn tortilla and the chicken was topped with cream Cotija cheese, making for a hearty bite.

Tofu Verde is ($3.25) for the vegans and vegetarians. Packed with soft crumbled fried tofu with a smokey flavour. It's a yummy bite for vegans and not vegans alike.

I rarely indulge in tacos without ordering a carnitas. Pulled pork braised with beer and topped with guacamole and pork rinds makes this taco rich and delicious. I tried it with their three chili sauce to add some kick, which really cut through the pork fat - not that it was too fatty.

Last is the pescado or fish taco. The batter was light and crispy. Not too greasy and the chipotle mayo added a really clean spice that was freshened up with pico de gallo. This taco was really bright and energizing. I totally recommend it.

Last, I tried the meat torta ($8.75) with the feature toppings, which was braised shredded lamb with the three chiles sauce and served on a really light fluffy bun. This was heavier than the tacos, but was really satisfying. If you want a lighter torta, you can order any of the taco toppings to make the sandwich.

I guzzled all this down with their housemade horcata ($3.25), which was deliciously milky and rich with cinnamon. A nice finish to cool down all that spice.

The space itself is meant for quick turnaround with a long communal table in the front and smaller tables against the wall. It's open and airy and the staff is very accommodating with owner, Rodrigo Vela, making the tacos in the back and his wife, Nana making tortillas in the front. There isn't much on the walls, but I like the simplicity that makes you focus on the food.

Maizal offers really fresh and tasty tacos that are rich in taste, but not heavy in fat. Definitely try the churro.

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