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Dear Halifax, West Coast is the best coast. Signed, Vancouver.

Halifax had the gall to butt in on our turf war with Toronto. Abby Wiseman on why Vancouver is still tops.

Look! See how awesome we are?

Jennifer Gauthier/For Metro

Look! See how awesome we are?

I expect there to be a natural rivalry between Toronto and Vancouver, but Vancouver and Halifax? Not so much. Nevertheless, Halifax decided to jump in the ring and prove why it is a better city than Vancouver, so I’m going to play this like a politician and remind Halifaxers – or whatever they call themselves – why Vancouver is the better choice.

Let’s start with the obvious:


Ever notice that Vancouverites are really, really, really good looking and fit? That’s probably because we aren’t locked in our houses all winter. No, we get to go outside, some of us even rides bikes throughout the entire year. Rain or shine. Why? Because we don’t get battered by cabin fever inducing snow storms that force us to exist only in our homes. There's rain, but that’s really just more snow on the mountains.


Speaking of being fit and outdoorsy. You can see the fruits of our physical labour at one of the 10 beaches that surround our city. Our city is pretty much a beach and in the summer it takes no time to switch from suit – as if we wear suits – to swimsuit and beach BBQ.


I am the food columnist, so I will fight for the food culture in Vancouver, because it is pretty stellar. There are Japanese restaurants here that rival the best in Japan. If a place is not farm to table it does not survive – unless it serves pizza and poutine at 3am. We are proudly a part of the Cascadian craft beer movement and we can wash down our sushi with a beautiful Pinot Gris grown, aged and bottled a morning's drive away. It’s a foodies dream.


I can’t believe I’m defending sports, but I’m going to do it. We have three professional leagues in Vancouver and one semi-pro baseball team, the Canadians (which is the best money you can spend on sports in Vancouver). Year round you can join fellow Vancouverites in cheering for top-level athletes in hockey, football and soccer. Can’t do that in Halifax.


Halifax has us beat there – so beat – but, Vancouverites don’t really live in our homes. We live in the mountains, on the beach and at the breweries that keep us happy with a West Coast IPA. Drink that down.

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