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Ace Burpee's 100 Most Fascinating Manitobans for 2013

100) Kirsten Kettler

Appeared on "Ellen's Hidden Talent Contest" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this past May. Her talent? She can split an apple perfectly in half by placing one finger on top of the apple and slamming her forehead on to the finger. I tried it dozens of times and couldn't do it. She rocks. She should have won, but eventually lost out on $100,000 to, I think, a woman who could bounce on her butt.


99) Katherena Vermette

The 2013 recipient of the Governor General's Literary Award for Poetry, for her collection North End Love Songs. It's brilliant. I own it. The book is an ode to Winnipeg's North End, where Ms. Vermette grew up, where her Métis brother went missing, and the neighbourhood to which she returned after becoming a mother.

98) Elmer Hildebrand

The only Manitoban to receive the Order of Canada this year. Already a member of Manitoba's Hockey Hall of Fame for his stellar career as player, manager and president of the Altona Maroons for 11 years and later, as president of the SEMHL for 20 years. He is also a recipient of the Queen's Jubilee medal, and now having received the Order of Canada - he better be on this list. Elmer is the CEO of Golden West Broadcasting, and has an incredible reputation as enthusiastic volunteer, tireless fundraiser, perpetual committee member, and long-standing director for local churches, festivals, museums, charitable organizations, arts councils and sporting groups.

97) Chris Gaudry

Shoots one-take, single-camera videos for a project called Pocket Gigs (pocketgigs.com) featuring the likes of JD Edwards, Imaginary Cities, Federal Lights, and other artists. I've watched them all, and I'm not the only one who has. They're cool.


96) Lennard Taylor

You don't know it when you drive past it, but inside a building you've all seen on South Osborne, Lennard is creating, sewing, and scheming some of the coolest garments in the world. The fashion scene flies under the radar a bit in Winnipeg, but there are some brilliant people who walk among us, and Lennard Taylor is one. I'm wearing his jeans as I type this. Plus, he's a great dude. Check www.lennardtaylor.com  for more.

95) ABDO (Albert) El Tassi

Easily one of the coolest people you will ever meet. Admittedly, there is no way I should have waited so long to include him on this list. Mr. El Tassi has been honoured with the Order of Manitoba, the Order of Canada and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in recognition of his communal work and achievements. He founded the Islamic Social Services Association in Winnipeg, the Winnipeg Central Mosque and AlHijra Schools, the first Islamic school in Manitoba. He serves on the Board of the Winnipeg Foundation, the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, the Winnipeg Islamic Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Federation of Bridge Builders. Mere weeks ago he was recognized as Outstanding Philanthropist 2013 by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. He's just a beauty and is also tons of fun.

94) Alexander Steen

Super good kid. Son of Jets legend Thomas. Born here. Putting together arguably the surprise season of the year in the NHL with The St. Louis Blues. All that is awesome, but what he's done with the Amadeus Steen Foundation is why he's on this list. Alex was six years old when he lost his baby brother Amadeus to a tragic heart condition. Since being founded in '07, he has honoured his little brother by raising more than half a million dollars for an acute illness infant and child monitoring unit in the Children's Hospital, sponsoring the LAMP, which provides medical services and other programs to at-risk children and their families, and the North End Hockey Program that provides less fortunate children with the opportunity to play hockey.

93) Emily Richard

4.5 GPA at U of M, youngest head coach and board member for Rhythmic Gymnastics Manitoba, co-founder of the Wasichana Fund (providing Kenyan girls with sanitary napkins and offers female-only health classes), volunteer with Downtown Biz Change for the Better project... and rightfully so, recipient of the 2013 Young Woman of Distinction Award by the YM-YWCA.

92 & 91) Sean and Christian Procter:AKA Procter Bros. Industries

They make some of the coolest videos you can find online. Like, anywhere in the world. Based in the North End, the brothers got some well-deserved love at this years Western Canadian Music Awards, winning Video of the Year for the brilliant "Nothing's Gonna Harm You - JP Hoe".


90) Juan-David Hincapie-Ramos

He may just be a guy with a super awesome, super long name... but more likely he might be a genius. He's a Post-Doctoral researcher at the HCI Lab at  U of M, having received a PhD from Denmark's IT University of Copenhagen. He creates mobile devices, transparent displays, tabletops, public displays, and social and technical infrastructure. I don't even know what most of that means, but I do know for a fact that he also invented an app that lets you safely walk and text, which may seem ridiculous until you have walked into a pole while texting, something I most certainly have done.

89 & 88) Jessy Ardern & Ariel Levine

Recipients of the 2013 Harry S. Rintoul Award for best new Manitoba play at the Winnipeg Fringe festival for "The Hound of Ulster," based on a warrior of Celtic legend named Cuchulainn. Well-deserved honour.

87) Julia Zrinyi

Athletics Manitoba's Female Athlete of the Year, Julia won gold for Manitoba in the 1500m at the Canada Summer Games and Canadian Junior Track & Field Championships. She then added yet another gold for her country, again in the 1500m, representing Canada at the Pan American Junior Championships in Columbia.

86) Matt Henderson

A teacher at St. John's Ravenscourt, and the 2013 recipient of the Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Teaching. Also helped pull off an exceptionally well run TEDxYouth@FortGarry talk.

85) Mickey Wur

The Selkirk-area Wur was invited to perform on David Letterman's show in a "Stupid Human Tricks" segment. I think the segment got bumped, but that doesn't make his trick golf shot any less awesome.


84) Annette Greene

Technically a resource teacher at Maples Collegiate, but her story is much greater. She co-chairs Kids Initiative (Kenya Initiative for Development and Sustainability), and is absolutely tireless in her support of all things inherently good in Winnipeg. A true champion for those who need one. Amazing woman.

83) Chef Kelly Cattani

Winner of the 2013 Gold Medal Plates Winnipeg. The only woman in competition, Chef Cattani of Elements the Restaurant owned the judges with a dish of elk, avocado, soba and soy. She now moves on to the Canadian Culinary Championships: The Gold Medal Plates Finale in Kelowna early next year.

82) Scott Cairns

Winnipeg man was among a group of scientists who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013. A member of the organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the group is currently working in Syria to dismantle that country’s stockpile of weapons. It was for those efforts that he received his award. Incredible achievement.

81) Colleen Dyck

Owner and creator of GORP energy bars in Niverville, which are quickly becoming the next great Manitoba food story. I eat them all the time, and I love 'em. I know plenty of people who take fitness very seriously who swear by them. Local ingredients include Manitoba-grown oats, sunflower seeds, hemp, flax and the Dycks' own honey, which comes directly from beehives that pollinate the canola fields behind their house. Even the Jets are now customers. She's on to something big, and rightly so.

80) Roland Vandal

From lying on his bathroom floor as close to death as one can get after trying to end his own life, my friend Roland picked himself up and proceeded to dedicate his life to helping others. An experiential speaker with Breaking the Chain (an organization with a mission to bring awareness to youth and adults of the problems we face daily and that they're not alone), creator of his own recovery home, soon-to-be published author, and tireless anit-bullying public speaker. Roland is one of the greatest comeback stories of our time.

79) Helen Granger Young

For years one of Manitoba's most internationally celebrated artists, 2013 saw Helen receive some love at home: not only with a YM-YWCA Woman of Distinction honour, but also with the Order of Manitoba. You've seen her statue of Nellie McClung and the 'Famous Five' at the Manitoba Legislature, but her work can also be found in collections around the world, including Buckingham Palace, the White House and the Vatican.

78 - 76) (Red Moon Road) Daniel Jordan, Daniel Peloquin-Hopfner, and Sheena Rattai

They're a folk band, and I just love them. Very much so. A band self-described as "born in a storm on a wild Canadian lake" which I can only assume was in the Whiteshell as their latest EP is "Tales From the Whiteshell," Red Moon Road is brilliant both on record and live. www.redmoonroad.com


75 & 74) Leigh McKenzie and Bahia Taylor

They are the publishers of COVET magazine, named both Manitoba Magazine of the Year at the fifth annual “Maggie” Awards (Manitoba Magazine Publishers’ Association awards) as well as People's Choice Magazine of the Year. It's like a sort of home decor/decorating magazine and it's fiercely and proudly Winnipeg-first. They do a great job.

73) Vivek Bhagria

The lone Manitoban on Team Canada at the 2013 World Dwarf Games. He brought home 2 medals, but even cooler than that, he participated in 11 of 13 events at the games. Hardcore. The games were also largest sporting event in history exclusively for athletes with dwarfism.

72) Megan Fultz

Having previously been named one of Canada's Top 20 Under 20 by Youth in Motion, I had heard of Megan, but wasn't sure why. Well, she spoke at WeDay this year and was brilliant. Remember her name. There are those who claim they want to change the world, Megan is one who has what it takes to actually do it.

71) Angie Lamirande

It's about time I put her on this list. Angie simply makes things happen. You may not know it, but you've been to an event or have been a part of something that Angie has either produced or organized. She's got a great heart and is definite asset to our community. Many have benefitted from her efforts.

70) Barney Hartman

Was inducted into the MB Sports Hall of Fame for his success in skeet shooting. For a long stretch of his life, Barney was simply the greatest skeet shooter in the world. The coolest part and perhaps most interesting about his selection to the Class of 2013? He's 96 years-old... and he made an acceptance speech! BEST. He's such a beauty. I love this guy. The speech is here, with some help from his daughter who is also awesome.


69) Jacqueline Stillwater

A tireless and determined advocate and fundraiser for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada and the 2013 recipient of CCFC's "Unsung Hero" award, an absolutely just reward.

68) Bob Sweet

He's been Batman, Daffy Duck, a leprechaun, a clown, an M & M and countless other characters over his 11-year career as "that crossing guard guy that always dresses up" near St. Ignatius School. This past June, Bob retired.

67) Tim Hague Jr.

One half of the Tim & Tim team that not only represented Winnipeg in a way that we could all be proud of, but he and father did us one better and won the inaugural Amazing Race Canada.

66) Sean Mooney

He's the opposite of boring. Already an accomplished chess boxer—a hybrid sport that combines chess with boxing in alternating rounds (It's true. Look it up. Hardest thing ever.), Mooney decided to climb Mount Everest this year in support of Right to Play, which uses the power of sport and play to educate and empower  youth to overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease. He did it, and in the process raised $50,000 for the cause.

65) Meghan Franklin

Began a new, student-led mental health initiative at Red River College using art therapy, dog therapy and more called "Mind It." With a goal to raise mental health awareness among students and combat stigma, Meghan has started something really, really special.

64) Scott Burton

Ran for 24 HOURS STRAIGHT, covering 151.5 kilometres in what he called his "24 Hour Marathon to Fight Hunger" in support of the Lunches With Love program. I ran with him for bit along the 4k loop around Charleswood. Signs of encouragement marked the route, and the kids from Beaverlodge Elementary joined him for the final stretch. Cool scene. Great guy.

63) Mike Wolchok

When Pollock's Hardware closed its doors in 2007, that was supposed to be the end. Far from it. It was resurrected as a CO-OP now boasting well north of 2,000 members, and just celebrated its 5th anniversary on Main Street this past summer. Mike is the general manager and creative director and proof that small urban hardware stores/businesses can still make it. Great story.

62) Noah Decter-Jackson

Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Winnipeg's largest games studio, Complex Games. They're doing real stuff. Big stuff. Stuff for Disney, Zynga, Sony and more. Thirty people now hang their hat at Complex as employees. They've made it. Put their games on your phone. www.complexgames.com

61) Kelsey Omaga

Received a Governor General's History Award for a story she wrote about Chinese labourers who built the Canadian Pacific Railway. Kelsey is a grade 7 student at Holy Ghost School and earned the honour for writing and illustrating The Chinese Labourers, a story told through the eyes of a Chinese worker in the 1880s.

60) Pardner

Pardner is a dog. He arrived at the Humane Society having been shot in the face and with yet another bullet lodged in his neck. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Winnipeg Humane Society and Dr. Erika Anseeuw, Pardner made a full recovery and moved on to his next life in a new, loving forever home.

59 - 58) Thom Jon Hiebert & Graham Bargen

The good coffee movement took another step forward in our city with the addition of Thom Bargen Coffee & Tea on Sherbrook. (Nils Vik and Parlour were on this list last year). Nice guys, and will do well.

57) "John"

Not his real name. I don't know his real identity, but his story is probably the craziest of the year. A 23-year-old student, "John" was at a quarry near Bissett, where he had been cutting rock for a landscape company. He was asleep in his trailer when two men rolled up in a truck, proceeded to tell him they were running meth and had just killed a prostitute. They then decided they had said too much and proceeded to chase "John" into the bush shooting at him with shotguns. He had to spend the night in a swamp, soaking wet and filling his shirt with leaves to stay warm. Crazy.

56) Lisa Dyck

On her farm near Anola, Manitoba Lisa produces arguably the best ice cream IN THE WORLD. Period. They milk 120 cows every day, twice a day, 365 days a year. Some of that effort goes towards producing Cornell Creme. Again, probably the best ice cream in the world. Lisa is brilliant, and she's on to something huge. From hand-picked berries to a brilliant beer ice cream, Cornell Creme is about to be another massive Manitoba food success story.

55) Leslie Supnet

I first saw some of Leslie's work at Bands VS. Filmmakers, an excellent event I hosted in support of Cinematheque a while back. She's an animator and makes films. Then I'm reading through some stuff about the Toronto International Film Festival, and I see that Leslie has a film in the fest, which is not easy to do. It's called "A Time is a Terrible Thing to Waste" and it stars Norman, a squirrel, who awakens at 4 a.m., filled with thoughts about what the day holds but consumed with anxiety about what time it really is. It's very good.

54) James Follette

Was one of two individuals who stepped up and saved the Terry Fox Run from it's imminent demise after nobody volunteered to chair the event. James nailed it. He not only saved the Terry Fox Run, but made it one of the most successful in years, with more than 1,000 runners and more than $60,000 raised in honour of arguably the greatest Winnipeg-born person of all time. Terry Fox forever. Best.

53) Alex Blake

A beautiful young woman fighting leukemia and part of a family who launched a search for a stem cell donor who could be a match. The result of their efforts saw thousands, including myself, register with Canadian Blood Services' OneMatch stem cell and marrow registry at Children's Hospital. All the best.

52) Janelle Nadeau

A born-and-raised Manitoba farmer’s daughter, Janelle is one of the finest harpists in the country. True. She plays harp. Beautifully. A multiple award winner from the Winnipeg Women’s Musical Club, Janelle has also played in the backup band for a guy named Kanye West. Also true.

51) Dave Shorr

I believe most of Dave's story is yet to be written. He's been known for many a thing over his life in Winnipeg. He's always walked on the edge of outstanding in his many different roles in our lives. If you don't know him, you will and probably should. This year was a very different year for Dave Shorr. Diagnosed with colon cancer, he was open, clear and direct with his journey, yet never was there a sense of sadness or resignation. His future was always bright, now it's brighter. He knows who he is.

50) Wade Miller

Trust me, Wade didn't need a job. Far from it. Someone, however, had to step up and take over one of the hardest and highest-profile gigs in town. Wade Miller, our new president and CEO of the Winnipeg Football Club.

49) Elizabeth McGuire

One of Winnipeg's 2013 "Senior of the Year" award winners for her ongoing commitment to education and literacy. Since her retirement from teaching, Mrs. McGuire has returned to Ralph Maybank School on a daily basis to help students develop their reading and numeracy skills. Love her.

48) Abhinav Dhingra

The Fort Richmond Collegiate student was a Canada-Wide Science Fair Finalist at this years Manitoba School Science Symposium for “Ellagic Acid Selectively Inhibits Cardiotoxic Effects of Chemotherapy Drug Doxorubicin.” I'm going to go ahead and declare Abhinav roughly 47 times smarter than me.

47) Johnny Fukumoto

You know those people who are always doing those crazy adventure/mud race things? Like Dirty Donkey or Ice Donkey or Tough Mudder and such? I'm one of them. I can finish anything and I can finish it fairly fast. Here's the thing though: everybody you know, myself included, is finishing behind Johnny Fukumoto. One of the toughest in town.

46) Garett Kolsun

Winnipeg man moves to Churchill, becomes legend. Cornered by a polar bear that had already swatted and bitten him, a desperate Garett turned to the only device he could think of and thrust his cellphone into the raging bear's face, distracting it long enough for him to escape. Best party story ever.

45) Marie Christian

Program Coordinator for Voices: Manitoba's Youth in Care Network. Under the stewardship of The Boys and Girls Club of Winnipeg, VOICES aims to empower and support youth in and from care. This is hard, vital work and takes a true leader and caring person to pull it off.

44 - 39) Royal Canoe: Matt Peters, Mathew Schellenberg, Michael Jordan, Derek Allard, Brendan Berg, Bucky Driedger

A super talented band, who as far as I can tell, can only be compared to themselves. They can draw a crowd, they're fantastic live, and people are noticing. Their new album "Today We're Believers" will make many a "best of" list this year.


38) Jodi Moskal

A vocal and consistent supporter of Winnipeg, this year Jodi took over as Chair of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. It looks good on her, and you can sense a genuine desire for our city to succeed.

37) Dr. Dhali Dhaliwal

One of the most inspirational and engaging speakers ever on the subject of cancer. As President and CEO of CancerCare Manitoba, Dr. Dhaliwal spent 10 years fighting for those with cancer, and driving home messages of prevention. Just a wonderful man, who will now step down after a decade of exceptional service to our province.

36) Sam Baker

We should all be so lucky as to have a run like Sam. He was born in 1903. You think you've seen it all? Sam has ACTUALLY seen it all. Through the good times and bad, Sam lived on and prospered, walking as much as possible until passing away this year as Manitoba's oldest person. He was 109. Quote from Sam on his 100th birthday: "It's nice to be important but more important to be nice."

35) Ryan Veldkamp

Diagnosed with T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia a few years ago, Ryan has been fighting for his life ever since. Along the way though, he has been available for anything needed in terms of fundraising, support and awareness of childhood cancer. He's met every challenge along the way with courage, humour and positivity. He also comes from one of the most wonderful and caring families in the city. This year, Ryan has been chosen the Children's Hospital Foundation Champion Child and will serve as their ambassador across North America. He'll be great.

34 - 31) Ashley Tully, Eddie & Brenda Marion-Gerula and Jenn Wittick

From the extreme sadness of the passing of Lisa Gibson and her children, rose "Run for Mums." These four individuals organized the walk/run in support of Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba as a way to raise awareness of postpartum depression. I was there, and it was honestly one of the most well-run and pure events I attended this year. People were free to speak openly on PPD, and it felt like the hundreds and hundreds of people who showed up were all in it together. It was therapeutic and uplifting in a time of great sadness.

30) Karen Dana

Karen was the winner of the 2013 Volunteer Manitoba William Norrie Outstanding Community Leadership Award for her 33 years of commitment in building the tradition and legacy of the Winnipeg Folk Festival, as well as her devotion to improving the quality of life for children through arts, culture, health and education. In her working life, Karen is a dedicated social worker who has touched the lives and hearts of many, many young people.

29) Sangeetha Nair

A tireless and and positive advocate, voice, and volunteer for those who need it. Her work for anti-bullying initiatives, mental health, mental illness, cancer and anyone or anything in between that needs a hand has been an example to us all.

28 - 27) Lawrence & Chris Warwaruk

The brothers decided that since they were growing barley and hops on their Neepawa farm, they should probably use their own product to brew their own beer. The result is Farmery Premium Lager, one of the finest beers on the shelf.

26) Ashley Meilleur

Ashley has previously given food to homeless people she passes on the street, but things went differently recently when she handed a lunch bag to a woman without realizing her $700 phone was still inside. The woman who ended up with the phone wanted to ensure the phone was returned, so she contacted Ashley's motherand a meeting was arranged. Meilleur summed everything up with this Facebook post: "She has changed my perspective and has restored my faith in the human race. She is incredible. Although I can't help her monetarily, I am going to do everything in my power to ensure she is safe and has a warm meal this Christmas. She has triggered something in me, and I hope this story has empowered you as well. I am going to do something about this."

25) Mike Deal

An excellent photographer and super good guy, his Instagram portrait project has brilliantly captured unique faces of Manitobans and is a must follow. You're looking for #portraitproject2013 or @wfpmdeal.

24 - 23) Larry Finnson & Chris Emery

We already knew about them after the massive success of their Clodhoppers candy creation, but apparently the brothers were far from done. A while back I saw them on Dragon's Den pitching a new candy, OMG's. Arlene Dickinson was impressed, and so now apparently is Walmart. OMG's struck a major deal with the U.S. retail giant and will be on the shelves of all their Sam's Club stores. Huge.

22 - 15) The Mariachi Ghost: Jorge Requena, Gabriel Fields, Adam Kroeker, Bruce Berven, Rafael Reyes, Ian Mikita, Tim Friesen, Alexandra Garrido

Easily one of the greatest bands and live shows you will ever have the pleasure of watching. The sound is Mexican traditional folk music mixed with some progressive rock, acid jazz and different choral arrangements. Hard to explain, but it really, really works. The Mariachi Ghost live is not just a concert, it's a SHOW, featuring dancers, videos, sugar skull face paint, and more. It's an experience. I love them.


14) Kathy Turner

Those of us that like to run races on the weekends owe a debt of gratitude to Kathy, as do countless charities who rely on a professionally executed run to support their cause. Kathy, from the Running Room, is literally everywhere from early spring to late fall, executing multiple races over a very short period of time. Always smiling, always positive, always there.

13) Chrissy Troy

I work with her so I see it all the time, but let it be publicly known that nobody outworks Chrissy Troy. She gives as much of her time as she possibly can, and is a tireless supporter of causes and charities in Winnipeg. She is my role model. They just don't make many people like her. If you've met her, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. If you have not, you will.

12) Meira Cook

Wrote what until recently was a little-known novel set against the end of apartheid in South Africa. Set in Johannesburg during the '90s, The House on Sugarbush Road focuses on two families, one white and the other black, in the days after Nelson Mandela was elected president of racially torn South Africa. The novel has been named McNally Robinson Manitoba Book of the Year. Christmas present idea, right there.

11) Allen Rogowski

Known as "Super Al" at Agape Table, Al has been a mainstay at Agape since it started. He credits Apage Table with getting him off the streets 33 years ago, the year the organization got off the ground. He then spent 20 years there as a volunteer and has been on staff for the last 13. Just a great man, and a fine fisherman as well. When he's not serving his community at Agape Table, he'll be fishing on the river this winter near the Leg, stop by and say hello. He's awesome.

10) Erika Dueck

Holds a Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours from the University of Manitoba and this year was named national winner of the BMO 1st Art! Invitational Student Art Competition for her mixed media installation, The Ephemeral Mind. She's really good, and it's worth checking her stuff out here: http://erikadueck.wordpress.com/ .

9) Tim Hague Sr.

The other half of the Amazing Race Canada-winning Tim & Tim team, Sr. made sure he mentioned Winnipeg in almost every episode, which was awesome. He also took us on a journey of overcoming the odds and challenging all we thought we knew about Parkinson's disease. "It doesn’t mean you can’t still compete or have to go quietly into the night," he said. Far from it. He won the show in more ways than one.

8) Sandi Reimer

Y'all should like this page, read, and get inspired. This woman is something else. Think you can't do something? Think again. Sandi has survived multiple car collisions, and worse. Her goal is to run 100 races by the time she is 50. She rappelled down a building this year for SMD. I first met her at the WFPS half marathon as I watched her strong finish to the race. It should be pointed out that she does all this on one leg, and competes with able-bodied racers because she loves the challenge. Look to her if you need some motivation. Sandi is winning at life.

7 - 3) Diana Carrier, Tiago Martins Araujo, Geoff Nagy, Joshua Jung & Chris Iverach-Brereton

They are the "Snobots." What did the Snobots do? They are a team from the University of Manitoba, who get this, made the BEST ROBOT IN THE WORLD. It's true. Winnipeg is home to the world's most talented robot. The crew travelled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to compete in FIRA, the oldest robotics competition in the world. The "Snobots" (named Jimmy and Jeff) are humanoid robots who had to compete in an octathlalon which includes a sprint, marathon, lift-and-carry, obstacle run, weightlifting, basketball free throws, soccer and a climbing wall. Guys, they built a robot that climbs walls!!! And they won. I love it.

2) Nathan Unrau

The 13 year-old Nathan is living proof that anyone can make a difference. You just have to care, and you have to be prepared to put in the effort. Nathan is the founder of "Lunches with Love", which has quickly become one of the greatest stories in our city. What started as a delivery of 47 lunches to feed the good folks at Main Street Project, has turned into thousands of lunches for those in need, dozens and dozens of volunteers, and national recognition. Nathan is simply one of the coolest kids in the world.

1) Althea Guiboche

Also known as the "Got Bannock Lady." Just the most incredible story. The mother of seven set out to feed the hungry and has persevered against all odds. After first almost being shut down by the province for serving homemade soup and bannock to the homeless without the required permits, she acquired the proper paperwork and continued her philanthropic ways. Then Guiboche woke up one morning to the sight of her vehicle vandalized - its windows smashed and profanity spray-painted all over it. Still she carried on. She is unstoppable, and a true Winnipeg hero. Respect.

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