Country cool looks at the Calgary Stampede

A style roundup from the big rodeo in Cowtown.

Jess Christopher, left, and Stephanie Koo

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Jennifer Friesen/For Metro

Jess Christopher, left, and Stephanie Koo

With the Calgary Stampede just passing its halfway point, Metro took to the Midway to find a few stylish Westerners and ask them for their take on “Stampede style.”

Jess Christopher, 28

"I’d say style at the Stampede is fashion forward – everyone has their own unique style and it’s a mix of everything between bohemian and western. I was going for a mix of Western and kind of preppy today by adding my little tie."

Domonic Oxford, 34

"Stampede style is all about the plaid, it’s all about the jeans, it’s all about the cowboy hat and it’s all about having a good time. My vest today completes the look (laughs), and if you can add a bandana it’s all the better."

Megan Honeychurch, 22

"I feel like everybody’s always really unique with sort of a Western twist, I’ve been here every day so far, so I’ve been trying to incorporate something Western into all of my outfits. I’ve been wearing a lot of denim lately, but I was going for more prairie girl today."

Stephanie Koo, 35

"Stampede style can be anything from the really traditional bedazzled garb to really cool kind of street cowboy hic. So it’s always interesting to see what people come up with me. Today, I’m all about the accessories and the details."

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