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Career in the spotlight: Civil Engineer

Metro introduces you to recent grads establishing careers in growing industries, and asked them how they landed a job in their field.

Lauren Lake likes being an engineer because of all the possible careers she can do with her training.


Lauren Lake likes being an engineer because of all the possible careers she can do with her training.

Job Description: Civil Engineer

Median Wage: Median wage of people working as Civil Engineers is $82,000, according to George Brown College’s Career Coach tool. The average entry-level salary for Civil Engineers is $53,000. Eventually Civil Engineers may make as much as $122,000 a year, and can earn even more as company owners or directors.

Expected Growth: Steady

Why I like my job: Lauren Lake, 24, Kitchener, Bridgit Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

“I didn’t take a typical engineering job, but I still use a lot of my engineering skillset. Bridgit is a software company focused on the construction industry, so we interact with civil engineers or people from that background. But then on the sales side, I approach it from a very mathematical point of view. It’s been a lot of experimentation, figuring out exactly how to build the sales model. In a lot of ways, it’s very similar to solving a big engineering problem.

“One of the biggest things I’ve learned is to look for opportunity everywhere. When I was graduating school, this wouldn’t be the most obvious career path – I’m focused on sales, and it’s a startup. It’s not a traditional engineering job, but it still uses my education in a lot of ways. To people who are graduating, I would say to look for opportunities no matter what path they’re down, because there really are opportunities everywhere, and not just in one specific field.”

How to become an animator:

How to start:

• Civil Engineering Technology, Advanced Diploma

• Civil Engineering Technician, Diploma

• Construction Engineering Technician, Diploma

• Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Degree

• Bachelor of Engineering Science, Degree

Where this career can take you: A background in Civil Engineering can lead to a variety of engineering careers, including bridge building, hydraulics, sanitation, public works, transportation, geomatics, highway construction and environmental consulting

Your next career step: Several management options are open to Civil Engineers; entrepreneurial engineers may want to brush up on their business skills before launching their own consulting or construction company, while research-oriented types can consider pursuing a Masters or PhD.

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