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Discover a career in the in-demand IT profession

George Brown program offers entry-level theoretical and practical knowledge


As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, areas such as telecommunications and information technology are converging. To meet the need for telecommunications professionals with the latest entry-level theoretical and practical knowledge, George Brown College has launched its telecommunications fundamentals certificate program.

“We definitely noticed this trend of integration and there isn’t much out there in terms of this type of program,” says Joseph Sirianni, the chair of technology and trades at George Brown’s Centre for Continuous Learning. “Because employers are increasingly hiring professionals who have a background in information technology and telecommunications, the opportunities with the big industry players are really good. The shortage in people with such knowledge will cause grads of this program to get snapped up very quickly.”

Consisting of just three courses, the program focuses on offering students the basic skills required to install and repair a telecommunication line, and allows them to acquire an understanding of the equipment and technologies used to connect telecommunication companies to consumers.

“A good way to summarize the program is that it is an introduction that gives people the background of the industry before they go work at Bell or Rogers or other telecommunication companies, where they will then develop the hands-on knowledge of the type of equipment that is used,” he says. “A lot of equipment in this industry is expensive so our intention isn’t to get them comfortable with the actual equipment but instead to give them an understanding of how telecommunications works.”

Despite the heavy focus on theory, as with all other George Brown programs practical application is part of the program, says Sirianni. Students learn through presentations, instructors bring in equipment so students have an easier time visualizing how it works and guest speakers are invited into the classroom. Instructors also have years of experience in the field.

“All of our instructors are subject matter experts who are still working in the field,” he says. “You can’t get any better than that because they not only know the history and the current industry trends but they also have a great idea of where the industry is going. Anyone can read a textbook but to have someone explain how things work from a practical perspective is one of the things students appreciate the most.”

Learners who successfully complete the program can look forward to career opportunities that include field technician positions within the telecommunications industry.

Discover a career in the in-demand IT profession

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