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Ralph & Sons serves up some old-fashion goodness

I've always been wary of diners, especially ones attached to gas stations.

I've had too many greasy burgers and limp fries on family travels. But sometimes there are gems beside the pumps.

And it seems that the crowd here knows where to go to get a tasty burger.

With red-checkered decor and silver stools in front of the counter, this diner has a humble and friendly appeal where Ralph himself does the cooking.

You'll find the traditional menu options of grilled cheese (slightly pricey for what you get), BLT, Western and so on. It's comfort food done right.

I ordered the cheeseburger with bacon, fries and gravy on the side. The patty was homemade and not overly thick. The hand-cut fries were pretty crisp but could have benefitted by a few more seconds in the fryer. The gravy was decadent, but worth the calories, and the coffee was consistently refilled.

If you're looking for a casual diner with old-fashioned hospitality, Ralph & Sons won't disappoint.

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