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Head to El Tucan for deep-fried ice cream like no other

El Tucan

85 Montreal St.


Rating: ***

Price range: $

On a warm March day, I stepped into El Tucan, where the heat was cranked, the TV was off and the tables were empty though covered with red plastic tablecloths.

El Tucan offers authentic Salvadoran (such as pupusa and tamales) or Tex-Mex dishes (such as nachos or burritos). Not feeling too adventurous in this quiet café, I opted for a chicken quesadilla.

While I waited, I sipped on Horchata, one of my favourite drinks enjoyed on a recent trip to Mexico. But my straw sucked up chunks of drink-mix powder and crushed my expectations.

The chicken quesadilla was filled generously with seasoned, shredded chicken, a few flakes of jalapeño, and soft Mexican cheese with its distinctive pungent flavour. The tortilla was crisp and the meal satisfying.

For dessert, I indulged in the Helado Frito, deep-fried ice cream coated with Corn Flakes and served with a mountain of whipped cream. It's a dish filled with texture, temperature and taste that never disappoints.

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