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A sweet kitchen hack to soften brown sugar: Reisman

Don't throw away hard brown sugar, cure it with this simple and quick fix.

Brown sugar


Brown sugar

The problem: It’s time to bake that delicious dessert, but your brown sugar has gone rock hard!

The hack: Brown sugar is full of moisture, leading it to harden easily when the moisture evaporates. If the sweet stuff is too hard to use for baking, there’s a quick fix: Place the sugar in a microwavable container with a damp paper towel over top and microwave on high for 25 seconds. If the sugar is still hard, break up clumps and reheat for additional time, keeping an eye throughout, as to not melt the sugar.

Another solution is to seal the brown sugar in an airtight container or in a plastic storage bag with a slice of sandwich bread, a few apple slices or large marshmallows, and you’ll have softer sugar in a day or two. Just remember to change out the bread and apples eventually so they don’t get moldy. Terra cotta sugar savers are a great option as well!

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