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Shave your costs by bulking up your disposable razor supply: Scorgie

For its eighth challenge, Metro's Small Changes, Big Win series gets you to save by purchasing razors in bulk.

Bulk buying razors can lead to big savings.


Bulk buying razors can lead to big savings.

Small changes to the way you spend can add up. Metro financial guru Lesley-Anne Scorgie pulls together weekly tips that will add a minimum of $10 to your savings. Ready to watch your money grow? Check out this week’s tip.

Week 8: Bulk buy your razors

How It Works: We’ve all be in this pinch; when you are completely out of razors and so you buy a small pack from the grocery store for full price. You leave annoyed because if you’d just planned ahead, you could have ordered a value pack online for half the cost. But, life gets busy, you forget and four weeks later you’re out of razors again and you repeat the same annoyingly expensive purchase on your way home from work. Full-priced razors cost an average of $5 per razor while value packs average $3 per razor.

Take Action: For this week’s tip, we want you to hunt for the very best online deal for razors and order a six-month supply. Then, eTransfer $65 into your savings.

Mo' Money: For most households, they’ll burn through 65 razors in a year. At full price, that totals $325 whereas value packs total $195 annually.

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